This what we do, we find suitable candidates for suitable jobs.

Our mission is to provide all-round excellence for those looking for work and those recruiting dental staff. We build long term relations with our clients, dental practices and with cost effective and value added recruitment solutions.

Dental Jobs Finder will find jobs for Dentists, Orthodontists, Hygienists, Therapists, Lab Assistants, Dental Technicians and other dental support staff (such as Dental Nurse, Practice Manager and Receptionist).

These are some of the questions we ask on behalf of our dental staff when finding them suitable position:

  • Why did the previous dentist leave?
  • Is there a full list of patients for me to take over or will I be building a list? Are the patients on the list NHS or private?
  • Will I always have a dental nurse to help me?
  • What are the practice working hours?
  • How many new patients register with the practice each month and are they private / NHS?
  • How are the fees divided and how does staff get paid? How are lab fees and bad debts divided?